Sea Freight

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FloCargo offers freight services by sea. We partner with reputable ocean liners to move your cargo from any part of our global locations to its destinations in Nigeria. Pricing per container is subject to the nature of goods being brought in and will be advised on request. Sea freight is one of the oldest methods of shipping goods throughout the world, as well as one of the most cost-effective, dependable, and dependable. Sea freight is a realistic and cost-effective choice if you’re a major firm shipping high volumes of commercial items or an individual shipping personal goods. At Flocargo, We provide you with the added benefit of simplifying your transportation needs while maximising routing and transit options, and with our door-to-door service, we can streamline your freight transportation from booking to delivery, and we can move your freight across oceans safely and securely using a variety of ocean freight transportation options, for almost any size of shipment. Types of ocean freight services that we offer:

When it comes to container shipping, there are essentially two types of shipping services that are available – LCL or FCL. LCL means less than container load, while FCL means full container load. Click here to read more Types of Ocean Freight Services

FCL shipments entail transporting your goods in one or more containers that you solely use. The container will only hold your products, ensuring that your shipment will remain undisturbed until you open it yourself. When you have things that can fill or nearly fill a container, this option makes most sense.

The products intended to be delivered are frequently less than what it takes to fill a container with LCL shipments. Instead of paying for a container all to yourself, which might be costly, you can split the cost and share the container with other people’s belongings. However, the disadvantage of this choice is that your items are more likely to be mishandled or damaged during the journey.

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