Procurement services at TheFloShop, an arm of FloCargo, was developed to simply the global shopping experience by providing a payment service for your online orders at your favorite stores or to your suppliers without the hassles of card verification or leaving the comfort of your homes or offices. You Shop; We Pay!

All aspects of a company’s purchasing procedure are referred to as “procurement.” Procurement management encompasses more than just the purchase of products, services, and real estate and so on, it also includes strategic planning

The procurement process has an impact on various corporate operations and necessitates a thorough understanding of supply chain management, raw material sourcing, and accomplishing purchase objectives. To know more visit Orange bein gang

Three main types of procurement activities we deal with:

Direct Shipping

Flo cargo carries out the direct acquisition of raw materials, machinery and wholesale products that directly contributes to the company’s ultimate product is referred to as direct shipping. Procurement officials and contractual suppliers are the most important players in direct shipping processes.

indirect Shipping

We purchase products such as office supplies is an example of indirect shipping. These items have a direct impact on the company’s final product or bottom line, but they do help with day-to-day operations. Indirect procurement operations may be delegated to office managers in small businesses while large firms may hire a facilities management firm to handle them.

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Shipping, planning, scheduling, cost control, quality assurance, field inspections, and expediting services are all areas in which we have extensive experience. Our strong sourcing abilities help with supplier analysis selection, negotiation, and evaluation.

We provide procurement services such: Preparation of request for quotation, Quotation evaluations, insuance of purchase orders and invoices including payment analysis, Act as an “Agent” for the client on fixed contract basis.

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