Shop and ship from South Africa to Nigeria this Christmas

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We all would love to give more this Christmas. It is a season we share and we would love to shop and ship from South Africa to Nigeria this Christmas safely. Flocargo offers her services in South Africa.

Shopping In South Africa

First of all, let us talk about shopping in South Africa.

Shopping in South Africa is difficult, whether you’re looking for unique items at the African Craft Market in Rosebank or the greatest selection of trinkets at the Neighbourgoods Market in Johannesburg.

There are several alternatives available, ranging from major corporations to regional artists that entice you with their artwork, designs, and dashes of heritage and culture. There are some shops that specialise in international goods, while others may offer certain South African specialities!

Victoria & Alfred Waterfront

According to Travel Triangle, Victoria & Alfred Waterfront sometimes referred to as V&A Waterfront, is a haven for shoppers and well deserving of its position at the top of our list. This centre, which is the greatest for shopping in Cape Town, South Africa, has everything from the major fashion labels to neighbourhood markets.

Not to mention the mouthwatering multi-cuisine meals served in its restaurants. Do indulge in a little seafood while you’re here! It would also be important to mention that if you’re looking for inexpensive items to buy in South Africa, there are a lot of intriguing shops you can check out. The Victoria & Alfred Waterfront is one of them. Simply shop and ship from South Africa to Nigeria this Christmas, all the items you would love to send to your loved ones.

How can I ship my items from South Africa to Nigeria

If you want to ship items from South Africa to Nigeria, find out the cost of shipping your items by using our tool here.

Which is better, air or sea freight?

If you’re considering moving to Nigeria permanently, you should definitely bring a few things with you. There are primarily two options: air freight and marine freight.

Fast service is provided via air freight. In just two or three days, cargo planes may travel from anywhere in the globe to Nigeria. Air freight is pricey, so while it’s convenient if you need to relocate fast abroad, it’s not the best option for cutting costs.

Although it is slower than air freight, sea freight is significantly less expensive—about five times less expensive—than air freight. Sea freight is the best option if you’re relocating on a tight budget, but be sure to give yourself many weeks for your shipment to arrive.

Depending on how many things you’re carrying, your goods will either travel by sea freight in a 20-foot container or a 40-foot container. You will share a container with other customers if the combined volume of your shipment is less than about 15 cubic metres (in a process known as Less Than Container Load, or LCL). The majority of our shipping partners offer a complete door-to-door service, which means they’ll transport your belongings from your old house in Nigeria to your new one there. Easy!

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