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FloExpress is a World-class solution for air cargo charter.

With FloExpress, all of your shipments will arrive at their destination on time and under budget thanks to the air cargo charters we set up, whether they be energy sector buildings, automobile components, manufacturing materials, or life-saving humanitarian supplies.

With over 10 years of experience in the cargo air charter market, we work with clients and experienced carriers to deliver time-sensitive air cargo, heavy and oversized equipment, humanitarian supplies and all other types of cargo.

Efficient and cost-saving logistics services

With our FloExpress service, we can assist you to collect cargo from most cities, deliver it to 200+ countries worldwide, and combine your order cargoes to send them all in one shipment at once, saving you time and money. Flocargo has more than 30 local offices spread out over the world.

Your supply chain is under a lot of pressure to produce since global needs may shift quickly. For your supply chain needs, FloExpress offers a variety of options to help you discover the right balance of speed, cost, and frequency of flights.


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Airfreight is a dynamic, demanding, and ever-changing industry that encourages us to be innovative and adaptable as we work to provide you with the best services possible.

Global capacity and demand are subject to sudden changes, and we are dedicated to providing consistent, dependable services that preserve the integrity of your supply chain.

Our team of air freight professionals will provide custom solutions to address your business difficulties, whether your cargo travel in the cabins of commercial aircraft or need specialised freighter planes to transport them.

This service is an ASAP airfreight service, which takes (24- 72 hours guaranteed delivery) from the day the plane leaves the country of origin. Pickup service is also available for this service.


Express Shipping Charge

Weekly Flight Schedule


Upon request

Currently unavailable


$9.00 per lb

Tuesday / Thursday


$12.00 per kg



Upon Request

Monday – Thursday


$14.00 per kg

Monday – Thursday


Upon Request

Monday – Friday


Upon Request

Monday – Friday


* All charges are subject to review based on the quantity of shipment coming through.




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