Let us tell you how you can ship from South Korea to Nigeria. Profit from low shipping costs and first-rate services offered by Flocargo. You may use our software to do a free pricing simulation by clicking here.
Whether you’re a company that frequently ships from South Korea to Nigeria or a private person who just needs to send a package, Flocargo has a variety of logistical options to meet your needs.

Cost of shipping a container to Nigeria

Are you trying to relocate your possessions to Lagos?
If you need to ship your belongings from South Korea to Nigeria quickly, shipping them by plane is an option, but it is expensive and usually more expensive than shipping them by sea.

Send a package to Nigeria from South Korea

What else? You will examine the delivery options offered to ship your items to Nigeria and choose the one you think is best. You will then pay using the way you think is best and wait for the courier. Delivering a parcel with Parcel ABC is as easy as going from door to door.

Read about how South Korean companies start container factories with KOBC’s backing here.

Major ports for shipping

Nigeria only has one coastline (to the south), hence there is only one direction in which your container may travel to get there. The Port of Onne is the major player in the southeast, while the Port of Lagos is a sizable maritime hub in the southwest. Before being transported by rail and/or truck to your new residence, your container will probably be delivered at one of these ports.

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