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    Flocargo is a company with a goal to not only deliver packages but also deliver good service, transport products safely, aid development, and bring happiness to all of its customers.

    We aim to improve everyone’s lives and help them every day through our delivery services. With the tagline of “bring the world to you.”, Flocargo is considered one the best logistics company in Nigeria. We do not just follow the tagline, It is a promise.

    Track your Flocargo package with our tracking service.

    You can also read our FAQ section for more assistance.

    Track your Flocargo Parcel quickly and easily using our online tracking and trace service. Our online tracking system is a reliable way to get up to date information on your parcel’s location within the Flocargo network.

    If you’ve received a notification, or one of our drivers has left you a calling card, you can rearrange a delivery online to a day that better fits around you, or arrange delivery to your local Parcel ServicePoint.